Armando Salcedo

Music Producer, MC, Dancer, International Presenter

Born in the city of Cartagena – Colombia, which is where Armando took his first steps into the artistic world, dancing in the  streets of the working class in the city of Cartagena, surviving through the danger, or as he says ‘dancing in between the bullets’. Armando started his career as a professional dancer in the city of Bogota, dancing with recognized artists in Colombia such as Amparo Sandino, Jorge Cardenas and Carolina Sabino, while also working in various tv shows as a dancer and choreographer. Armando then ventured out as a rapper/MC with the group B.I.P. (Boys In Party). He later continued his career as a dancer, choreographer and MC in the city of Jakarta – Indonesia with the musical groups, Latin Blood, and Solid Groove.

Heidy Torres

Model, Singer, Dancer and International Presenter

Born in the city of Cartagena – Colombia, Heidy began her artistic career as a photographic model, which led her to participate in the CARIBBEAN MUSIC FESTIVAL contest winning first place and becoming the queen of the festival in Cartagena. She then traveled to the city of Bogota where she began her career as a professional dancer, dancing with recognized artists in Colombia such as Ivan y sus Band Bam, Jorge Cardenas, and Lady Noriega. In Jakarta – Indonesia, Heidy’s talent as a singer and dancer took center stage with musical bands Latin Blood, and Solid Groove.


Joined their talents and have worked together for over 15 years as the duo A&H, having made music for Zumba® Fitness collaborating on hits such as “El Amor El Amor”, “Mueve La Cadera”, “Tonto No”, and many more.

Now A&H have been producing their own songs such as “Pega Pega”, “Mi Gente”, “Jumping”, “My Check”, “Pal Piso” and “One Way”.



of ​​forming this duo came from a need for a specific type of music in the dancing world. A great song on the radio can become a #1 hit worldwide, but that song wasn’t created with a certain formula enabling dance and fitness instructors from around the world to easily work those songs into their classes. And that’s where A&H comes in – their background as dancers and their talent as artists create the perfect combination to make music that is 100% for the dancers in the world. 

We make music PA’L BAILADOR.